100% free: convert a single flush toilet to dual flush, and adjust single flush


You heard me correctly: 100% free to convert your single flush toilet to a dual flush. Your friends may have bought dual flush kits, but I am showing you the zero cost way, you don’t have to spend a penny.

Even if you don’t care about the dual flush method, you still should measure and adjust your single flush toilet. Many people do not know they are wasting a lot of water. Our own single flush used 2.5 gallons per flush, instead of 1 gallon or 1.5 gallons per flush. If each person flushes 6 times daily, that is 2000 flushes a year per person.

Water costs money, so you don’t want to be flushing any more money down the toilet than essential! We spent a lot of time working on explaining the adjustment not only because it is a recurrent cost to you but also it affects the environment.

When your single flush flapper needs to be replaced, you will face the decision of either buying a replacement of flapper at $6 or installing a dual flush system paying $20. This video shows you how to use the single flush to act as dual flush, but if you decide to purchase the real dual flush kit, here are couple of links for the products:

for Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH

for Danco Dual Flush: Dual Flush by Danco at Amazon

To install them, you can watch my installation and adjustment videos.
For Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH brand:
Optimal: Install FLUIDMASTER DUOFLUSH without wasting water | dual flush conversion system

For Danco Dual Flush brand:
Dual flush toilet wasted more water, how to fix it

Installation, Explanation & Tips

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