Bidet seat: Easy installation, Fixing Leaks & Other Issues
A bidet can reduce toilet paper usage and it may be the only solution when you are forced to stay home all the time, toilet paper is sold out, and using other kinds of paper will clog the pipes. Today we are going to show you how to easily install a bidet seat. We try to provide a comprehensive guide on various different bidets and detailed installation. If you have questions in terms of functionality or installation, please feel to leave your comments below.

Even though bidet seat installation is quite easy, some people may still not feel up to the tasks. In that case, you can buy a portable bidet. If you are interested in a free portable bidet, you can watch my other video on 4 Ways to Make a Free Portable Bidet using simple materials you already have. Here is the URL:
It is worth noting that an inexpensive bidet seat does not offer a feminine wash, only the high-end unit has front wash features. Anyway, in general there are bidet solutions that are not that expensive and easy to install. You can recoup the money pretty fast. Plus it is cleaner and better for your skin, brings comfort to people with hemorrhoids, prevents toilet clogs and is better for the environment.

Americans use an average of 23.6 toilet paper rolls per person a year. A bidet could be the best way to reduce that quantity.

Disclosure: I did receive this NuFlush bidet seat unit at no cost in exchange for reviewing the product.

If you are interested in a bidet seat made by BioBidet , you can watch my other video on how to install a simple #bidet seat, here is the URL: