Big Surprise: Ames Test Shows More Carcinogens in Organic Food?

We switched to mostly organic foods a while back. However I found myself puzzled when I learned about the Ames Test, which shows that natural food may have more carcinogens.

What should I do after learning about all the conflicting views? For my organic garden, should I go to the nursery to ask for the varieties with less bug resistance? Or should I go to the organic store and ask for buggy vegetables or pest infested fruits?

Obviously we should ask the government to work on the food labeling. The producers should disclose the amount of carcinogens in their products. If you may not live that long, you should watch my next video titled: “DIY: the cheapest relative carcinogens test”. In the mean time you may use the dirty dozen and clean 15 list to reduce your pesticides intake. Live long and prosper.