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  • A Dozen Ways To Consume A Kiwi

    What are the different ways people eat a hairy fruit? This is a collection of dozen different ways to cut or eat a kiwi. Peeling kiwi fruits can be a slippery business, but I will make it fun and easy for you. Kiwis taste delicious and are good for your health. Oh – the fuzzy […]

  • How To Pick A Watermelon Like A Pro In 10 minutes

    Do you really know what you are looking for when tapping a watermelon in the store? When I was little I used to pretend to knock on the watermelon as if I knew what I was doing, but now I am sharing the secrets mastered only by the pros. How can you guarantee choosing the […]

  • No More Juice on Your Face-How to Cut & Eat Watermelon & Still Be Clean

    So often when we eat watermelon, it is a juicy and drippy experience. This video shows a great way to cut and serve, keeping your cut watermelon clean on any surface, and keeping your face from getting sticky with watermelon juice. This is a great way to cut watermelon on a picnic table. Or serve […]

  • DIY: Easiest, Cheapest & Best Way To Peel Orange

    If you hate peeling oranges with your fingers, but don’t have any special device to help you out, I will show you 3 simple ways to make the tools yourself (my personal favorite is the sharp can lid option). And it does not cost you anything.

  • Part 3, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

    This is part three following the original “The Least Messy Way to Cut a Watermelon” and part two In this video, we remind you that watermelon rind can be used in cooking. And we will also discuss other ways to cut the watermelon. I am sharing these ideas here so that we make […]