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  • Short Layered Self Haircut Experiments & Mistakes To Avoid

    Short Layered Self Haircut Experiments & Mistakes To Avoid

    This is my first attempt at a self haircut. I hope by sharing my experiments, it would save you time and mistakes. My advice to the first timer:
    1. Perform multiple rounds of experiments first: for example, first set 19mm as your target length to experiment once, and then set 16mm as your target to redo the same process. Once you have perfected the process, and you may then cut to the desired length. In this video I went as far as I could so that I could do more experiments.
    2. It is pretty hard to control the amount of force you apply when you are cutting your own hair. If your trimmer has multiple thickness settings, the setting may slip if you apply too much force, which may result in unexpected hair cutting. You can use tape to hold the setting in place.
    3. A mirror system is also important for the final trimming. In this video I have only used a single mirror, next video I will be showing a super easy setup dual mirror system.
    4. Next video I will be showing guaranteed tapered final trimming.