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  • Best Way To Pit A Mango Easily, Safely and Cleanly

    You’ve been doing it wrong, or not as safely or cleanly. How do you pit a mango (take out the seed) cleanly? You may simply eat your mango without a knife but if you want to serve someone, you need to cut it properly. But mangos are very slippery and you have to be very […]

  • What Is this Thing Called “Multi-Level Marketing?

    What Is this Thing Called “Multi-Level Marketing? This article by Robert L. FitzPatrick is an economic “portrait” of multi-level marketing (MLM) in the USA. The report has compiled and analyzed the data on three of the oldest and largest MLM companies, Amway, Herbalife and Nu Skin in a readable and understandable way to paint a […]

  • Clean Install Windows 7

    1. Make Sure You have the windows 7 (as well as other products’s license number if any) license number.  If your license is not very clear, you need to estimate how many different combination you need to try. You may also use a software to extract the license number,  you can use a keyfinder program […]

  • 3TB disk only 2.7TB

    Why A 3TB disk is only 2.7TB and what is the future trend?   Just bought a 3TB hard disk drive. However this 3TB disk is 2.72TB in size according to my computer. How do I “lose” 271 GB disk space? You may not have noticed this when the storage was in mega bytes, because […]