Change various different types of wiper blades in under 30 seconds It does not take a genius to replace a car’s wiper blade. Even if you don’t know how to change your engine oil, you may be able to replace the wiper blades because it is easier. In fact anyone can do it and it does not take time at all. The only questions you may have are: How likely is it that I will damage something? If it is so easy to replace the wiper blade, how is the blade held on so that it does not come off when in normal operation?

Since your wiper blade may be different than those on your friends’ cars, the more variety of the design the less confidence you have because it can be confusing to even talk about it.

In this video, we examine 9 different cars, Japanese made, American cars and European designs. Once you learn the principles through these examples, even if it is something you have never seen before, you can figure it out easily.

If your wiper arm is a J hook, you may start watching from here:

If your wiper arm is straight, you may start watching from here:

If you have a problem removing your wiper blade, check out here:

If you bought Anco Series 31, watch here:

If you bought Anco Series 14, watch here:

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