Start eating nectarines & peaches earlier and keep them longer when you have a sudden overabundance

We have so many nectarines here. Today none are ready because they’re all hard, but tomorrow maybe they will all be ripe and we won’t be able to consume all of them. So the first question is, when is the earliest time you should pick a nectarine? Unlike apples and pears, nectarines don’t improve their sugar content once they are picked, so don’t pick them too early.

the drying machine unit shown in this video is this one: drying machine

But if you wait too late, the birds or pests will get them first. So I look for the first sign of ripeness to make the trade-off.

So I am going to show you how to choose nectarines so that you can enjoy them without them going bad. If you have a melting variety of nectarines, they will be ripe when they’re soft. In the video, you may see the suture line. The line travels from the stem end to the blossom end. The suture line will be soft first. You can pick the fruit when the suture line feels soft, even if the fruit itself is still firm.

The second question is how do you extend the period of consumption longer. If you can’t prolong the period, how do you preserve the fruit?



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