How To Unbox GoPro Hero4 Black & Connect to Smartphone in 5 Minutes

I am going to show you how to unbox a new GoPro Hero4 Black and connect the camera to a smartphone in 5 minutes. I will also show you some of the best and most useful accessories I have used.

GoPro’s unpacking instructions that came with the package are not that good, the first few minutes of unpacking is frustrating, I hope this video will help you save time. In terms of usage, this video provides the minimum you need to know, you can defer reading the user’s guide until later when you have more time.

Summary of Pairing the Hero4 and the Smartphone GoPro App
1. Open the GoPro App and select “Connect to Camera”
2. Press the “Add A New Camera” button
3. Select “Add Your HERO4”
4. Press and hold the Settings button on the lefthand side of the camera until Wi-Fi Mode appears on the screen.
5. Press the mode button to scroll down to “GoPro App” and press the Select button
6. Press the “Continue” button in the app
7. Select your camera from the list
8. Enter the pin number and select “Pair My Camera”
9. Create a new camera name and password
10. You should now see and be able to control the camera that your phone or tablet is connected to

GoPro Hero4 Black
Pair Hero4 and Smartphone
Pair Hero4 and GoPro App

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